VMAA State Flying Field.

A flying visitor: is a financial member of the MAAA.

The VMAA State Field was officially opened on November 21st 2003 with the aim of promoting it both for general flying by any VMAA – MAAA members, and for running of events organised by Special Interest Groups, clubs, or individuals.

Organised Competition Days or Fly-in Days are always welcome but must be booked well in advance. Application / Booking forms are available from the VMAA Secretary.

The State Field has a resident caretaker club, the Northern Flying Group Inc, who you can ring on 0493 320 580 weekends or their club Secretary using contact details as per the VMAA website.

Please read the Calendar of Events at , or use the link to the Northern Flying Group website to find out if the field has an event scheduled on the day you wish to visit. Or you can contact the VMAA Secretary (details from the website).

For General Flying, field entry/use is free. All visitors are welcome between 9:00am – 4:00pm on weekends. For a visitor to be at the field, a Northern flying Group member or VMAA committee executive member must be present.

A flying visitor must register their name in the club sign-in book only after reading and understanding the club field rules displayed.

In signing the book, the visitor has agreed to abide by all club rules.

The facilities at The State Field are truly first class, and if you wish to attend regularly you may gain more enjoyment by applying to become a member of the caretaker club.



  1. Flying Hours: Monday to Sunday 9:00am to 7:00pm
  2. No Flying on TOTAL FIRE BAN DAYS.
  3. Members MUST sign-in to the Club Book on arrival & also any visitors they bring.
  4. All flying Visitors must be affiliate to the VMAA/MAAA
  5. Frequency board is to be used at all times when using 36 Meg
  6. Pilots are required to stand in the pilot’s box behind the barrier while flying.
  7. The 30 meter rule will be enforced at all times.
  8. No Domestic animals to be brought to the field.
  9. No Smoking at the field except in your car.
  10. Speed limit to and from field on Quayles Road and Driveway is 30 kph.
  11. All flying to be done in a rectangular Circuit and within the Property boundary, direction will depend on the wind.
  12. When taking off and landing, pilots MUST inform fellow pilots of their intention.
  14. All rubbish is to be taken home with you.
  15. No Models to be taken into the clubhouse. Models are not to be stored under the veranda.
  16. Last member out is to ensure the clubhouse, toilets and gate are locked when leaving.
  17. All members are expected to keep the kitchen area clean.
  18. No cars are permitted on the grass area around clubhouse, runways, pits or taxiways.
  19. Every person must notify pilots before walking onto runways.
  20. Pilots must obtain a minimum of bronze wings before flying unaccompanied.
  21. Model restraints must be used when starting your plane